What is a channel?

A channel is where team members can organize their discussions into several threads that pertain to a specific team, project or topic of conversation. You have the flexibility to organize your channels in a way that makes sense for your organization. Read on for more details on channels.

Why use Channels?

  • Channels keep team’s conversations organized and grouped together around related topics.
  • Channels keep your company’s communication easily searchable, sortable and recognizable by title.
  • Channels allow different teams to have their own dedicated space to converse and get work done.
  • Channels can be color coded so that several channels can be easily grouped together as they would be with various projects for one team.
  • Channels allow you to keep casual conversations (messages) separate from work conversations (threads).
  • Channels allow you to manage teams at a glance.

Use Channels to:

  • Enable greater teamwork as teams can see each other’s threads.
  • Create a lounge channel for casual discussion.
  • Create team channels for your various divisions.
  • Create short lived channels for specific targeted projects.
  • Keep your teams working on several projects at once by sorting various team channels by color
  • Build a channel for a team event.
  • Keep a channel for weekly updates.
  • Centralize all your knowledge around a team or project.

Every Twist team has a default channel, which your team can use for whatever purpose suits you best. At Doist, we call our general channel the #Doist Lounge and use it for company news and team-wide good times. Read more about general channels and general messages.

What does a Channel look like?

Below, we see a screenshot of a thread with some of the terminology.


  1. Channel title
  2. Number of members
  3. Public/private channel
  4. Mark as read button
  5. Channel options icon
  6. List of threads in channel​