What are messages?

Messages allow you to chat 1-on-1 with someone or with small groups from within your team. They’re used for shorter, finite conversations– like wishing a teammate happy birthday, and are useful for getting quick, one-off questions answered. They’re accessible from the Messages section of Twist.

Why use messages?

  • To have short, 1-on-1 conversations with a teammate.
  • To have a quick, finite conversation with a small group.
  • To get questions answered quickly.
  • To have casual small talk.

A Twist team has general messaging where you can chat with your entire team. At Doist, we renamed ours to Generalist and it's a place for light chit-chat. Read more about general channels and general messaging here.

What do messages look like?

Below, we see a screenshot with some message terminology.


  1. Conversations list
  2. Message input field
  3. Message attachment icon
  4. Messages options menu
  5. Message conversation options menu