What are teams and groups?

What is a team?

A team consists of every single member in your Twist. Within each team, members can be part of groups. Take a look at how teams and groups are organized below.


What is a group?

A group is a collection of team members. Members can be part of as many groups as they would like. 

Here are a few examples of groups:

  • Sales team
  • Development
  • iOS Development
  • Europe Team Members
  • Project Leads
  • Birthday Party Crew
  • Customer Support Team
  • New Blog
  • Product Leaders
  • Apple Fans

Why use Groups?

  • Groups make it easy to notify all the right people with one single click, rather than trying to remember and type out each specific person who would need to be notified.
  • Useful for forming cross-functional teams across the organization.
  • Great way to empower planning committees.
  • A powerful way for team leads to stay connected.
  • Simple way to get more information about people across the organization.

What do Groups look like?

Below, we see a screenshot of the Groups panel in the Team section of Twist.


  1. Add a group icon
  2. List of groups
  3. Selected group
  4. List of group members
  5. Selected user
  6. User information
You can learn how to create a team here and read more about how to be a team admin here.