How to replace meetings with status update threads

Weekly meetings are time consuming. No matter how good the intention, people still end up putting a pause in their workday to spend time in meetings that can be very long and, many times, irrelevant.

Twist can help with that.

Instead of meetings, you can create a dedicated channel where your team members can share periodical updates. At Doist, we have a channel called “Doist Snippets”, where everyone posts a weekly thread detailing last week’s accomplishments, this week’s plan and if there’s anything that’s blocking them from getting their work done.

Every week, each team from the company posts a thread. For instance, the Design team posts a thread named Design Snippets. Then, each member of the Design team will post a comment with their personal update.

Snippet threads are neatly organized by team which makes it easy to see what anybody in the company is working on at any given time. This gives each of us the freedom to browse what other people in the company are up to. Most importantly, we can browse on our own schedule.

When you’re not forced to sit through a weekly all-hands meeting, you can digest and follow up on your team’s weekly progress much more calmly.

We’d love for you to try using status update threads instead of meetings. We suggest giving it a shot for a month and then evaluating to see if it has helped your team become more productive. We hope it does– please let us know how it goes!​